This was the last year of Madison+ UX. Follow link below to learn more.

Event Over

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Attendee Information

What can I expect at Madison+ UX?

At Madison+ UX, you can expect to rub elbows with some of the best developers and designers. Sharpen your skills and learn about new tools.  Meet like-minded technologists and build your network.

How do I get to Madison+ UX? Where can I find a hotel?

Getting to Downtown Madison from Dane County Regional Airport

There are a number of ways to go from the airport to Downtown Madison:

You will find hotel information on the Madison+ UX Lodging Post.

Are the tickets refundable?

Tickets are not refundable, but they are transferrable. You must handle the logistics (finding the new person and making financial arrangements with them) we will have the transfer. Please contact us (contact[at] with the name and email address of the person you’d like the ticket transferred to.

Who should attend Madison+ UX?

Madison+ UX is a conference designed for people who are either UX-curious or already practitioners. The program carries it’s fair share of technical content but also has been notably welcoming to non-technical and beginning UXers. The local flavor sessions, as well as occasional musicians, circus performers and the like means there is something for everyone. If you’re a lifetime learner you’ll find yourself at home at Madison+ UX.

How much does it cost to attend Madison+ UX?

Regular price is $349 for full conference access.  For more information about pricing please click here.

Does Madison+ UX offer registration discounts for students? How about group discounts?

Madison+ UX offers both Student Scholarship Program and Group Discounts.  Our priorities are (1) running an outstanding conference and (2) covering all expenses.

Students can sign up to work 2 shifts (~4 hours each) and they can attend the rest of the conference & social activities for Free.  You can sign up here if you are interested.

The group discount structure is as follows:

When you are ready to purchase contact us ( and tell us how many people are in your group, so we can generate the appropriate code.

What’s this I hear about discount codes?

We give the best deal to people who register early.  You might call this “Very Early Bird or Early Bird” discounts. During the Very Early Bird and Early Bird period, we are scrambling to pay deposits for the venues, food, and all of the other things a conference needs.  Very Early Bird and Early Bird discounts are a Thank You to folks who help us cover our early expenses.

You may see on the registration page a “Discount Code” box.  We use discount codes to ease the process for our sponsors to claim any tickets that might be part of their sponsorship package.

What meals are included with my registration?

Your registration includes all-day coffee service, lunch, afternoon snacks, and after-party on Friday; all-day coffee service, lunch, and afternoon snacks on Saturday.

Will there be live streaming of the sessions?

Madison+ UX is excited to announce that the sessions are being live produced on-site and will also be posted to the web soon after the conference. Our partnership with Broadcast Interactive Media means that we are working towards having a live stream. We’re not afraid to “give away” our content because there is no substitute for networking and connecting with attendees as well as spending a few summer days in beautiful downtown Madison, WI. STREAMING

Conference Background

What’s the story behind Madison+ UX?

Madison+ UX was born from spending time with our roommate at the time, Andrew Maier. He was working on writing a UX book. We thought, having been planning on running Madison Ruby that a UX conference could pull double-duty and also act as a launch party for his book. The book project, as so many do, fell to more active projects and never came to fruition. We had shared the idea with people and there was so much interest we decided to keep pushing forward. We’re now in year three and are thoroughly pleased to continue sharing Madison with the UX community.