This was the last year of Madison+ UX. Follow link below to learn more.

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Exhibitors’ Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers to help you plan your exhibit space.
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Where are the exhibitors going to be set up?

Venue: Overture Center for the Arts Rotunda Stage (lower level foyer/hall way).  We put our exhibitors in the prime spot during our conference. The exhibition space is located between the Playhouse Theater (presentation) and the Rotunda Studio (refreshments). That means there is non stop traffic during breaks and great attendee interaction.

What comes with the exhibition space?

6 foot banquet table. It is a plain table.  It will have a black table cloth, so feel free to have another color if it works better with your brand. 2 chairs

Is electricity available at the exhibit table?

Unfortunately, not all table will have easy access to electricity.  If you require electricity, we can reserve a table next an electrical outlet.

Who provides marketing materials for the exhibitors?

You will need to provide your own banner and system for displaying.  The banner size listed in the prospectus is just a guide.  The vertical standing banners may work best in the space.

What times exhibitor space is open?

Exhibit hours: Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 930am-5pm.

Does the exhibit space have lock securely for the night?

Since the space is open to the public, we will need to store your exhibit stuff in the Rotunda Studio over night. You can either pack everything up, or we can move the table into the Studio Friday evening. Then move it back out to the Rotunda Stage area Saturday morning.

How many attendees are anticipated at the conference?

We are anticipating 175 participants at this year’s Madison+ UX.

What are load-in and load-out times?

If you are bringing items that require extra time for loading/unloading, you are welcome to arrive at 7 am on the first day of the conference and unload. There is going to be a conference representative on site already, but please, let us know ahead of time.

Who provides audiovisual equipment for the exhibitors?

Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to provide you with any audiovisuals during the conference. It is up to the exhibitor to bring any AV required.

How many conference passes come with my exhibitor space?

As a level 1 sponsor you get 2 free conference tickets and 1 conference ticket as a level 2 sponsor. You will receive exhibitor passes for how many people are expected to work your exhibitor space.