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This is a cross post with Adorable IO.

When I joined Adorable.IO, I was eager to find and create a partnership for Madison+ with a local company to provide an electronic recycling program. I’m happy to announce that we have paired with Sector67. Items won’t just be sent off to landfills or recycling plants, at least not at first, but will be used to teach kids and some adults about how technology works.

Sector67 hold classes throughout the year for children to get hands on experience with technology. Your donations could be used for a variety of projects. In the photo above is Alec. He is holding the controller as he prepares to demo his Shoebox GameCube. He worked to fit a gaming console in a new case with an integrated screen and battery so it’s portable, he ended up piecing together parts from multiple devices into a small box.

In the photo below are students from the Minecraft class – Fractal hosts them twice a month for kids to get together and have fun learning more about the game from other participants. (Fractal is run by Heather Wentler an active member in the women’s tech community.)

Sector67 is non-profit organization that continues through membership support. It is a Community Workspace / Hackerspace / Makerspace / Collaborative Environment in Madison, WI dedicated to providing members the opportunity to work on tomorrow’s technology; to build, collaborate, learn, and teach about next generation devices.

If you haven’t heard of Sector67 I encourage you to go to their site and check out all the projects going on and the upcoming STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) projects they’ll be leading for kids this summer. They offer tours every Friday from 1:00pm-7:00pm on the hour that you’re welcome to drop in on.


If you are attending Madison+ UX or Madison+ Ruby, or maybe you aren’t but you will be in the area, we encourage you to bring the following items with you and deposit them into our recycling bin.

Items we’ll accept for donation to Sector67:

  • any computer tower or laptop (Windows 7 or newer / Intel based Apple products)
  • any handheld device (cell phone, tablet, etc)
  • any printers, keyboards, mice, speakers, etc
  • Unbroken LCD screens/TVs

Items that will NOT be accepted:

  • CRTs
  • broken (cracked) LCDs
  • microwaves
  • other appliances

Thank you for staying green and helping the community!


Posted July 13, 2015 in: Community, Uncategorized by Jenifer Remsik

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