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2015 Speaker Line Up

Sharon Steed (@sharonsteed) Sharon is the director of business development and marketing for speech IRL, a speech therapy practice delivering communication therapy and training. She is a lifelong stutterer that speaks about fear and vulnerability at the intersection of marketing, communication, business and tech. She has spoken to universities about stuttering, at Ignite Chicago about patience, numerous tech conferences about branding and to a host of other audiences.

Paolo Perrotta (@nusco) Paolo is the author of Metaprogramming Ruby. He has developed games, embedded systems, enterprise software, and yes, even the occasional web application. He lives a nomadic life, usually mentoring software teams around Europe. He has a base camp in Bologna, Italy.

Stephanie Morillo (@radiomorillo) Stephanie Morillo is a Dominican-American musician, copywriter, and technologist hailing from the Bronx, New York City. She frequently writes about race, class, her experiences learning to code, and working in tech. She helps others learn to program, sings melancholic songs, and geeks out over well-written documentation.

Julian Cheal (@juliancheal) A British Ruby/Rails developer with a pen­chant for tweed, fine coffee, and home brewing. Certified drone charmer.

Anika Lindtner (@langziehohr) Anika Lindtner was born and raised in Berlin, where she studied linguistics and gender studies. Since July 2013, she’s worked at Travis CI and runs the Travis Foundation, aiming to make Open Source even better. Anika once was a poetry slam artist, a teacher, and worked at an ad agency. She can also draw monsters and knit hats with pom poms.

Starr Horne (@StarrHorne) Starr Horne is a Rubyist and Chief Javascripter at When he’s not neck-deep in other people’s bugs, he enjoys making furniture with traditional hand-tools, reading about history, and brewing beer in his garage in Seattle.

Pamela Vickers (@pwnela) Pamela is a developer on the digital team at Blue Bottle Coffee, working remotely from Atlanta, Georgia. She is an organizer and co-founder of the Atlanta chapter of Rails Girls, and is a big advocate of mentorship in the tech community.

Terence Lee (@hone02)  Terence leads Heroku’s Ruby Task Force curating the Ruby experience on the platform. He also works some OSS projects such as Ruby (the language) and Bundler. He also volunteers his time with the Rails Girls movement. When he’s not going to an awesome Heroku or Ruby event, he lives in Austin, TX, the taco capital of America. Terence loves Friday hugs, EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! Give him a big one when you see him! In addition to hugs, he believes in getting people together for #rubykaraoke.

Kassandra Perch (@nodebotanist) Kassandra is an educator and NodeBot-er at Bocoup. She might be a mad scientist in her spare time. She enjoys javascript-ing all the things, and watching baseball and hockey.

Simon Van Dyk (@siefi) Simon is an aspiring code artisan at Platform45. He’s done research in neural networks and dynamic particle swarm optimisation, as well as presented before at RubyFuza, Cape Town. With love for the developer community he has started the local meetup Pretoria Ruby in South Africa.

Ray Hightower (@RayHightower) Ray Hightower is a software developer, founder of WisdomGroup, organizer of ChicagoRuby, and producer of WindyCityRails & RubyCaribe. He is a perpetual student of open source software and hardware, especially single board computers like Parallella.

Nell Shamrell-Harrington (@nellshamrell) Nell Shamrell-Harrington is a Software Development Engineer at Chef, focusing on the supermarket open source product. She also sits on the advisory board for the University of Washington Certificate in Ruby Programming. She specializes in Chef, Ruby, Rails, Regular Expressions, and Test Driven Development and has traveled the country speaking on these topics. Prior to entering the world of software development, she studied and worked in the field of theatre. The world of theatre prepared her well for the dynamic world of creating software applications. In both, she strives to create a cohesive and extraordinary experience. In her free time she enjoys practicing the martial art Naginata.

Dusty Burwell (@dustyburwell) Dusty has been developing software professionally for 10 years. He now pushes bits across the tubes for Groupon in Chicago, but spent his past lives building software in JavaScript, .Net and JVM languages. Dusty has shown a commitment to the community, founding and contributing to a diverse set of user groups, conferences, and educational initiatives.

Craig Buchek (@CraigBuchek) Craig is an independent consultant specializing in Ruby, Rails, Rails rescue projects, and Agile techniques. Craig started using Rails in late 2005, and found a home in the framework, the language, and the community. When he’s not coding, reading about coding, or thinking about coding, Craig enjoys canoeing, attending concerts, watching Cardinals baseball, and traveling.

Coraline Ada Ehmke (@CoralineAda) Coraline Ada Ehmke is a speaker, author, teacher, open source advocate and technologist with 20 years of experience in developing apps for the web. As a founding member of LGBTech, and, she works diligently to promote diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry. Her current interests include refactoring, code analytics and artificial intelligence.

Coach Luann Tribus and Little Dribblers Little Dribblers founder and coach since inception in 2009. Little Dribblers is an all girl, basketball dribbling squad that performs choreographed drills to music at the halftime of basketball games. They’ve performed for the Milwaukee Bucks, Wisconsin Badgers, other local colleges and area high schools. The WNBA invites them annually, as do many charities and local events.


Back up speakers:

Ashley Williams (@ag_dubs) Ashley Williams is an engineer on the Webmaker team at the Mozilla Foundation. Formerly a NYC Teaching Fellow, Ashley learned the ropes teaching middle school science in Harlem, NYC. Since then, she has spent the vast majority of the past few years teaching web development to beginners, most notably running the NYC Web Development Fellowship in its flagship year. When not headlong in a discussion about pedagogy, she is probably getting seriously fired up about philosophy, language, systems, and/or jokes.

Alex Qin (@alexqin) Alex Qin is a Brooklyn based programmer. She spends a lot of time thinking about how to make programming and the web accessible to all. During work hours, she leads curriculum and instruction at C4Q. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching children and adults to code with ScriptEd and Women Who Code. She also gives frequenttalks about code, community, and accessibility

Ratnadeep Deshmane (@rtdp) He is Ratnadeep aka rtdp, a software craftsman, an entrepreneur and worker on Ruby and Ruby on Rails for the past six years. For the past eight months he’s been travelling as digital nomad, in which he changes location every few weeks, coding Ruby on weekdays and exploring places on weekends. Before being a digital nomad, he was running a startup, building a venture funded product AppSurfer.

Noel Rappin (@noelrap) Noel Rappin is the Director of Talent at Table XI. Noel has authored multiple technical books, includingRails 4 Test Prescriptions,Master Space and Time With JavaScript, and Trust-Driven Development. Follow Noel on Twitter @noelrap and online at


#HypeHarvest Speakers:

Renée Hendricksen (@NIRDLLC) Renée Hendricksen is President and Chief Adventure Officer of NIRD, a technical consulting company in Seattle, WA. NIRD specializes in start-up consulting, managed hosting, and web development. Renée also teaches Ruby on Rails courses for the University of Washington, Code Fellows, and corporate clients. She specializes in Ruby, Rails, software architecture and business intelligence. Before founding NIRD, Renée worked for Hitachi Consulting and Blue Box Group. In her free time she enjoys skiing, hiking, and traveling the world. 

Rob Harr (@robertharr) As Vice President of Sparkbox, Rob is responsible for the operations and financials of the company. With a background in software development, Rob is always ready to challenge the development process. On any given day Rob meets with prospective clients, works with employees, and continues to evolve the business of Sparkbox.

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