Madison+ UX 2015 Speaker Line Up

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Madison+ UX Speaker Line Up:

Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier): Chris is a web designer and developer. He writes about all things web at CSS-Tricks, talks about all things web at conferences around the world and on his podcast ShopTalk, and co-founded the web coding playground CodePen.


Pamela Pavliscak (@paminthelab): Pamela collects stories about how people engage with technology. Her work is part ethnography, part data science, part behavioral psychology.

She is founder of Change Sciences, a design research firm for Fortune 500s, startups, and other smart companies. When she’s not talking to strangers about their experiences online or sifting through messy data for patterns, she is speaking about data & UX at SXSW, Collision, Blend, Convey, and Madison+ UX.


Mike Kornacki (@lordshales): Mike’s 20 years of work in the creative arts field has brought him to JCI (Johnson Controls Inc.) where, over the last 5 years, he has built a team of user experience specialists. Within JCI, he is currently setting creative direction for the building efficiency line of business and leading the charge establishing UX as a culture within the organization. He has created the first ever Design Language System (DLS) for JCI products, that has revolutionized the “Johnson Controls Way” of product interaction.

Mike graduated in 1996 with a BFA focused in painting and lithography. He started his professional career as a self-taught graphic/web designer. In 2003 he received his usability certification (CUA) at the MasterCard facilities in St. Louis, MO.

Mike’s leadership in the user experience community over the last decade and his passion for user-centered design helped him start a UX meetup group called mkeUX – Milwaukee’s true UX Hugfest – in 2010.

Mike is a recognized leader in the UX community; he has been invited to speak at multiple conferences including: The Digital Insight Summit Series, Madison+ UX, and the Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) Series. He has taught several workshops for C2 Graphics, teaching designers to introduce user needs into their designs in a practical way.

He continues to push the innovation boundaries of user experience into the future.


Colleen Bos (@BosMeadery): Colleen Bos is a former medievalist and long-time homebrewer. Colleen has also attended Siebel Institute’s concise course on brewing technology and has over 12 years of experience as a project manager in research and technology fields.


Phyllis Treige (@uxhighered): Phyllis loves humans–their complexities, patterns, and motivations. She strives first to deeply understand what motivates and connects people, and then to build the experience, content, and technical connective tissue to meet their needs.

At organizations like the California Courts, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Hiebing, she has helped shape strategy and resources to support innovative experiences. Most recently, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Phyllis has built the first dedicated experience design and content strategy team.


Liz Eversoll (@meepertrek): Liz is the chief executive officer of Meeper Technology. She has spent the last 20 years in the IT industry and has extensive experience as a business owner, IT executive, technology services & reseller executive, and consultant. Eversoll has led many startups and multi-billion dollar businesses to success. She is active in the Wisconsin IT ecosystem as Chairman of the Board for: the Doyenne Group (an organization and fund for women entrepreneurs), Mobile Mesh Games, and V2 Leagues. On top of these roles she serves as CEO of SOLOMO Technology, and is a member of Wisconsin Investment Partners. Her passion is building businesses with great teams, strong vision and disruptive potential.


Coach Luann Tribus and Little Dribblers: Little Dribblers founder and coach since inception in 2009.

Little Dribblers is an all girl, basketball dribbling squad that performs choreographed drills to music at the halftime of basketball games. They’ve performed for the Milwaukee Bucks, Wisconsin Badgers, other local colleges and area high schools. The WNBA invites them annually, as do many charities and local events.


Lis Pardi (@LisPardi): Lis is an information architect, usability researcher, and interaction designer at Digitas Health. She has an MS in Library and Information Science from Simmons College and has worked on interfaces in the fields of: healthcare, games, retailers, and research databases. She lives in Philadelphia, where she is chair of PhillyCHI, the city’s UX community.


Caroline Sober-James (@wildwend): Caroline is a long-time, passionate, yet newly professionally minted, user experience designer with a varied professional background. Since the beginning of this year, she’s been loving Mondays at Acumium as their lead UX designer, with her previous role being in server-side software development. She adores people and thrives in the bridging role between the technical and non-technical interests on any project. If she had to sum up what drives her in one sentence, both professionally and personally, it’d be this, “I enjoy making people happy and meeting their needs.”

Caroline lives in Madison with her husband, daughter, and 115-lb derpy dog. She loves cooking, painting entire rooms with a brush, drinking good beer, evangelizing birth doula work, the songwriting genius of Bob Schneider, hanging with friends and family, and having madcap adventures while lucid dreaming.


Alyssa Burke (@designbyalyssa): Hi, My name is Alyssa Burke and I have three passions: design, technology, and people. My breadth of design experience combined with my fascination for technology enables me to provide solutions to enhance user experience. Improving a person’s everyday life–whether by creating a wearable device that increases health awareness or making it easier to schedule appointments via a mobile app–gets me excited!


Tom Greever (@tomgreever): Tom is the UX Director at Bitovi and author of Articulating Design Decisions from O’Reilly Media. As a consultant, he helps companies design and build better applications. As a teacher, he helps designers be better communicators. As a father, he helps children expend energy on wrestling and cleaning up.


Cory Gwin (@gwincr11): Cory is a UX designer, full stack developer, member of the UWW Media Arts and Game Design academic advisory board, and part time startup co-founder. He began building and designing things on computers at the age of 13.

At Broadcast Interactive Media he played lead on projects for large news websites in every major market including: NBC New York, developer on Field59′s video platform (previously BIMVid), and conceptualized some early ideas used by MdotLabs. He has worked on projects that won multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards and won the ExpressionEngine UX Design Award in 2014 for He was also third place in the 24 hour Mountain Bike World Championships in a prior life.

Currently he lives in San Rafael, CA. Where he works as the lead developer for Marin Bikes and is the co-founder of Analog Forest, a startup aiming to crowdsource fitness apparel design.


Will Hacker (@willhacker): Will Hacker is a Principal Interaction Designer at GE Capital, where he works on multi-device designs for commercial lending software. He is also the author of Mobile Prototyping With Axure 7, and his work has appeared in Boxes and Arrows, Smashing Magazine, UX Booth, UX Magazine, and UXmatters. Will is a frequent speaker at design events in Chicago.


Greg Damm: For 15 years Greg has been designing user centered experiences. His early career focused on constructing positive learning activities for corporate training and technical colleges. He then moved to big retail and big data visualization. After successfully escaping the mother-ship, he now leads the UX department for a much more fun mid-sized software development company that focuses on building IT administrative software for the Mac platform.


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