The Last Madison+ Ruby & UX

This is a cross post with adorable IO.

It doesn’t feel like five years. In some ways it feels like yesterday and in other ways it feels like twenty years. Jen and I set out with the goal of creating a reason for people to come visit Madison, Wisconsin and to help grow the technical community here. Mission accomplished.

Running a conference is hard, often thankless work. We’ve hosted nine complete events across a dozen venues; that’s a lot!. We’ve played host to four RailsBridge events, three fundraisers, and two workshops for kids. We’ve had the opportunity to share our stage with many, many talented speakers, many of them speaking for the first time, as well as musicians like Clyde Stubblefield, Martin Atkins, F. Stokes, Martin Dosh, and Madison Music Makers.

A feature that grew organically from year one is the signature tasting event at Madison+ Ruby. Just after Gail Ambrosius shared her talk on chocolate, Jeanne Carpenter brought us cheese and taught our first audience how to taste it. That has lead to a handful of pairings featuring combinations of scotch whisky, wisconsin cheese, handmade chocolates, vegan desserts, gourmet ice cream and local spirits.

We still want to bring people together and have an impact on the city of Madison and the many lovely people who share our interests here. We still want to be a significant part of the larger communities in which we work and play. We just won’t be doing all of that in conference form after our 2015 events wrap up.

If you’ve heard great things about the conferences please join us one last time at either Madison+ UX (July 10-11) or Madison+ Ruby (August 20-22). The call for proposals for Ruby is still open and we are still looking for sponsor support for both events. See you this summer!


Jim, Jen, and the small armies of people who make these events possible.