#HYPEHARVEST is an event hosted by Sapling Events and the YWCA, and is an unofficial kick off for Madison+ Ruby, a conference also hosted by Sapling Events, the following day. #HYPEHARVEST pairs together a night of shared life stories and local musical talent. It was created as a fundraiser to raise money and awareness for the YWeb Career Academy. All proceeds (100%) go to the YWCA, which helps equality for women and also helps support the cause of increasing the diversity in the Tech Industry.

The event features talks from six speakers, local and non local, in varied fields and ways of life.  Ranging from innovators in the tech industry, to doctors who have worked in third world countries. Last year one of the speakers, Kevin Jones, who is a blind mobile developer, spoke about the iphone and the impact it has on the blind community. In addition to the talks hypeharvest also features two musical acts, typically musical artists that are local to Madison. Last year the event featured the artist Rapper F. Stokes and DJ Radish.

Recommended Donation: $15 at the door or online

When and Where: 7-11 p.m. Thursday, August 21st, 2014. The event is hosted on the rooftop garden of the Overture Center.



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