What’s a tech conference without beer and trivia?

Twilio and The Purple Haus “brewdio” delivered the goods for Snow*Mobile 2014

Madison+ was pleased to welcome Twilio to Snow*Mobile 2014 as one of the event sponsors. Twilio has an API (application programming interface), and encouraged attendees to use it through their text-based trivia game. They brought the prizes, all of which were excellent—attendees cheered when the items were revealed. Among them was an N64 console with Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Super Nintendo with Mario Kart, and a Logitech USB Gamepad.

Twilio makes it easy for developers to send and receive text messages from mobile apps. For example, both Uber and AirBnB use Twilio. AirBnB, a website for people to rent outtheir properties to travelers, has a click-to-call option so you don’t have to give out your number to strangers on the Internet. San Francisco-based Twilio wanted to be involved with Snow*Mobile because everything the company does is mobile. Their goal is to inspire and equip developers.

Purple Haus has the same goal, but with a slightly different approach. This innovative “brewdio”—brewery/sound studio—brought beer samples to the Snow*Mobile conference on Saturday, including their popular Habanero Orange Wit. The unusual start-up is run by three former students of Madison Media Institute, Randall Stewart, Adam MacIntosh and Brian Kaphingst. “I met Jim and Jen in my Entertainment & Media Business class at MMI through Martin Atkins,” says Stewart. “They heard about our business, and starting following us on Twitter, and Jim had dropped me a line asking if we would be interested in presenting and having a local tasting.” Jim Remsik says, “We really connected when we both spoke at Martin’s event Band:Smart Weekend in Chicago and also drank their beer.”

“Our whole goal has been to share Madison with Tech/Creative communities and vice versa,” Remsik continues. “Inspiration came from other events with off topic but interesting talks. Our first local flavor talk was Jeanne Carpenter from Wisconsin Cheese Originals.”

The Purple Haus Habanero Orange Wit is made with habaneros grown hydroponically on Madison’s Willy Street. Brewmeister Adam added the orange to curb the heat. From there, the flavors meshed well. The trio started with three habaneros, and settled at eight peppers for a five gallon batch. It’s an ideal winter beer because the subtle heat warms you up as you drink it.

The brewdio, which has a 20-input mobile recording rig that they take to the comfort of artists’ practice space, does a bi weekly Purpcast and hopes to become the premier contract brewer in Madison. “Contract brewing,” explains Stewart, “is where you hire out a brewery who already has all the proper resources—legal brewing system, legal brewery, and the proper equipment—to be able to brew batches of your recipe.”

By welcoming diverse presenters like brewers and sound engineers, conference organizers Jen and Jim create unique intersections at their events. “I was fortunate enough to speak at UXMad last summer and loved the vibe of the conference,” says Pamela Pavliscak. “The mix of developers, designers, musicians, artists, strategists, up-and-comers, and established professionals is unique to the Madison conferences. I love that idea of cross-pollination. The fact that it is one-track, so everyone is having a shared experience, ignites great conversations and inspires new ways of looking at the complicated problems we face.”