Live Stream, You Stream, We All Scream for a Live Video Feed

Snow*Mobile goes live online for 2014

Madison+ events innovate and deliver more than promised. Snow*Mobile 2014 offered up its content on a high quality live stream thanks to help from BIMvid. Local video production company Backflip Films had four cameras trained on the proceedings. They ran that into a digital video switcher and into the BIMvid encoding box, a standard HP server with all custom software. It was originally written for broadcasters for captioning. BIM sent the recording up to their cloud where it got processed and delivered.

The live stream gave non-attendees a chance to interact with the conference and allowed family members to view speakers’ talks. For example, Ishan Anand referenced the work of Hampton Catlin, inventor of the Tritium programming language. Catlin was able to chime in on Twitter with his thoughts about Anand’s talk.

Hampton Catlin Watching Snow*Mobile 2014 Live Stream

The biggest live stream BIMvid has done so far was the Super Bowl celebratory parade in Seattle, which saw 200,000 concurrent viewers. Snow*Mobile 2014 was the first tech conference they’ve live-streamed. The technology behind it requires at least a 5 megabit connection, but BIMvid says they can get away with a 1 megabit connection. They’ve been testing it on 4G and do all the transcoding up in the cloud. Fortunately, Snow*Mobile sponsor 5Nines, named for a play on words for saying that something has been “up” for 99.999% of the time, provided a 1 gig Internet connection specifically for the event, so the stream was clear and high quality throughout.

“Quite often, more Spartan or meager hardware and connectivity will support a moderate conference,” explains Anton Kapela with 5Nines. “When folks expect to be able to originate high-def streams from a remote site, or quickly post photos/videos to other media destinations, or even do real-time instruction (which might involve downloads of required materials for each attendee), then this triggers some justifiable work to ‘beef up’ a given deployment.” Snow*Mobile welcomed the beef…and its attendees appreciated it, with many live-tweeting the event as well as commenting enthusiastically about the live stream.


BIMvid also live streams Fresco Opera Theatre and has partnered with the Wisconsin Film Fest to stream Q and A sessions. A new app is giving users exciting opportunities to collaborate on live streams. “We are allowing users to collaborate for two upcoming events,” says BIMvid’s Catherine Garcia. “Most notably, our SXSW video contest, where we are giving people a chance to upload videos tagged with SXSW and win $100 for best video submission (videos will be viewable immediately on our site’s contest page for the event), and also for the Wisconsin Film Festival in April, where volunteers will be uploading and tagging their videos from around town at all the different film venues, and those videos will be loaded into a smart playlist and player on their site for immediate viewing throughout the event.”

Snow*Mobile would like to thank 5Nines, BIMvid and Backflip Films for their excellent work making the live stream possible.


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