Rubyists Meet-up Tonight at Madison Public Library

The local Ruby users group, Mad-Railers, is meeting tonight at the new Madison Public Library. Two great reasons to get downtown tonight despite the white stuff. There are two formats to tonights festivities, first is an Open Hours from 6:00-6:45pm followed by a presentation by “Southpole” Steve Faulkner.

Office Hours

In an effort to welcome new people and help them level up the first 45 minutes is open for people with specific questions about Ruby and/or Rails. These questions could be asking for guidance on how best to get started in the popular technology , advice on moving to Rails 4, or perhaps a deep technical question about related technology.


The presentation on tap for this evening is Steve Faulkner sharing his experience dealing with an opinionated crowd of developers, finding what the prevailing opinions are, and learning how to develop your own opinions about “the right way” to do things.

Join in

There’s a bit of weather but things should be cleared up by this evening. The centrally located venue also allows plenty of public transit options. If you’re an experience Ruby developer or just Ruby-curious you’re welcome and will walk away with some new knowledge or connections.